by Fritz-Joachim Bork,  Dortmund

Jastrow was mentioned for the first time in 1303. It was the royal village Jastrobe.  Some years later it was called Jastrove and in the year 1503 it is named Jastrowo. At that time the Starost Stanislaus Gorka dissolved the „Oekonomie“ of Jastrow.   As the location was a non-economic area, German colonists were settled. Probably by a deal between the Pomerania Dukes and the Polish King  the aerea of Jastrow became private property of the Polish Crown in order to avoid border-activities of insurgents and gangs of all kinds. 1602/03 Jastrow was granted the status of a town with „Law of Magdeburg“. 

During a period of  unbelievable devastations, fire and epidemics as from 1626-1813 due to the Swedish-Polish  Line  Succession War,  Swedish-Polish War,  Nordic War,  Seven -Years’-War and French Occupation  during the wars of Napoleon the population had great privation.  

In 1772 Jastrow became a Prussion Town. 1922 after the establishment of the Polish Corridor  Jastrow  became part of the new Province of Grenzmark-Posen-Westpreussen. 1938  Transferred to the Province of Pomerania. 1945 Occupation by the Soviet Red Army and transferred to Poland. Today Jastrow is polish and called Jastrowie. (Part 2 in german)


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